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Fancy Princess Braids

I know some of your girls are planning on being a princess, a fairy, Rapunzel, a nice witch or wizard, a barbie, royalty, or maybe a medieval/renaissance type princess for Halloween. I'm thinking this Halloween hairstyle might work with a lot of costumes, actually!
princess hairstyle This princess hair style is relatively easy to make (as long as you know how to french braid) but it does require fairly long hair. These pics were actually taken before our princess got her hair cut.

Start by parting her hair down the middle (into pigtails) and begin french braiding one side. As you're braiding- every so often, split one of the strands in half and put that section of hair to the side as you continue on. Braid down as far as you can go.
(Btw, please excuse the mess in the background. Although I did try to block out the worst of it for you lol. What can I say? We are normal people. We have kids.... and toys.... and messes. :)
After you tie off the main french braid, braid each of the sections of hair that you left out as well.
Now you can french braid the right side as you add in the tiny braids from the left side all the way down as you go. Make sure not to pull the little braids super tight as you add them in so that they form a pretty little swag across her head.

In retrospect, I should have started each tiny braid up a little higher, as the last one doesn't really show.
There are lots of different ways you could finish this off. I ended up folding the ends of the braids up in half into a fluffy little bun thingy and added a hair accessory at the bottom.
elegant braided hairstyle I love how sweet and elegant this looks.
barbie braided hairstyle
disney princess hairstyleThis hairstyle almost has an old fashioned/vintage look to it.
halloween hairstyles Of course, this one would be lovely anytime, not just for Halloween. This would be a cute hairdo for church, for a flower girl, or other special occasions! I remember doing this hair style one other time and added some flowers and ribbons in with the braids. It turned out darling, but I can't find the pictures. Anyway, you could get creative with it if you wanted to. :)
To go along with your Princess costume, my friend Trisha has made instructions showing how to make a fairy wand!

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  1. I love this one:-) Another great do from you!!:-))

  2. Wow! I love this. Can you do it on curly hair? My daughter has really curly hair and I don't know how to do anything with it.

  3. Trow some beads and other dangling things on those braids that cross over--- I think that would be fun :D. Very cute hair do.

  4. Cute! I did one kinda like this but I criss crossed the braids going across.

    Girls Curls Hair

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one, unfortunately my hands dont' like to coordinate well when I am trying to do my daughter's hair. I literally (after 6 years) got the french braid down LOL)

  6. i just got a hearth attack of how pretty its this!
    prettier than the actual french braids! i would wear this tomorrow! I just have to! its so pretty... hairstyles make me happy ... i dont know why. I love hair 4 my princess and cute girls hairstyles!


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