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Halloween Hairstyles - The Spider Web

We posted this spiderweb hairstyle with several other spiderweb hairdos a couple of years ago, but didn't add instructions to that post. Lately we've had a ton of requests for a step by step tutorial. So, here it is!
Start by making 4 small ponytails at the back/middle of her head. (Make sure to leave the edges of her hair out all the way around.) Now split the section of hair that you left out in the front in half. Make three twists on the right half of the front section and add them all into the ponytail on the top left.

Next, make 3 twists on the left half of the front section and weave those twists through the 3 that are already there, over to the ponytail on the top right. (This picture is showing one twist woven through.)
And here are all six woven twists. The first section is complete!
Now you're basically going to repeat that same process on each side of her head.

Split the left side section in half.....
Make some twists in the top half. (I did 2 on each side instead of 3 to save some time.) Add those twists to the bottom left ponytail.
Make the twists in the bottom half and weave them up to the top left ponytail.
Repeat on the right side of her head.
This is what it should look like at this point.....

You could make some more "webbing" with the section underneath the ponytail, but it's not really going to be seen and this hairstyle takes long enough as it is in my opinion! So, I just added that section with everything else and gathered it into a ponytail.
At this point, you could either make a messy bun with the ponytail. Or, leave the ponytail down and add some kind of a scrunchy or Halloween bow/decor.

Here it is with a messy bun....
And with a cute spider bow. (I got this homemade bow 2 years ago from another hair blogger who unfortunately took down her blog, or I would link you over.)
This unique/weird :) cobweb hairstyle always brings in tons of comments! It does take a good 20-25 minutes to complete though, so give yourself some time if you plan on attempting it.
Oh, and btw... do you like our new Halloween watermark? We're getting excited for Halloween around here! We plan on decorating our house today when the kids get home from school. Fun!

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  1. I did a spiderweb do, too, that's completely different than yours! Neat how the same inspiration can take us totally different ways.

  2. I've got to admit that is very unique.

    I would have never thought to do a spider web in my little ones hair.

    We might have to try this on Monday but not for H-Ween since she wants to be bat girl.

  3. It would be awesome if my munchkin would sit still long enough to make that happen!

  4. I'm going to try to take this spider web and make it with the spider bun from the other one!

  5. the transformation is vivid and clear. I like the bow with creative spider. Great Halloween idea because people buy wigs but this is natural


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