Oct 22, 2010

Candy Corn Hairstyle

We've been having lots of fun creating Halloween hairstyles this year. And making a candy corn was actually the Princess's idea! She had big plans to use hair paint and the whole bit!! Well, I opted to keep it simple for school and stay away from the paint. :) It probably would have looked more like a candy corn if we would have done it her way though.
halloween hairstylesThis was super easy and quick. I'm guessing no instructions are even needed, but what the heck....
We parted it on the side and added a row of orange elastics. Then split the 2 middle ponytails in half and added a row of white.
Split the middle white ponytail in half and added a row of yellow.
And lastly, one more orange elastic.
When the candy corn was completed, I added a few flat iron curls.
candy corn hairstyle
fun halloween hair If you want it to look more like an actual candy corn, you could use some paint as the princess suggested. Or maybe add some ribbons. I think it's pretty cute the way it is though. Nice and subtle.
candy corn hair
cute halloween hair