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Picture Day Hairstyle

We've had lots of inquires lately about suggestions for hairstyles for picture day. So, I thought I would show you what we did for our picture day hairdo this year, just for an idea.  This isn't anything difficult or extremely unique, but simple and very cute!

These pictures were quickly taken as we literally ran out the door for school. :) Kind of a last minute thing, ya know?
picture day hairdo  Btw, this could be a picture day hairstyle for short, medium, or long hair!
braided hair style for pictures As you can see, it's just a square on top of her head, divided into 3 sections. I french braided the back 2 sections and then added the "bangs" into the elastic with the braid in the front. Next, I sewed in the ribbon with our trusty craft needle. And lastly, added a few flat iron curls.
school pictures hairstyle I usually like to leave her hair mostly down for pictures. And something fairly simple/classic as well. Hopefully she won't look back on this picture years from now and hate her hair. LOL I have a few pics from my school days (as I'm sure some of you do as well) with really, really awful hair! We're talking huge bangs, etc. hehehe
hairstyle for pictures
Here are a few more hairstyles we've done for school pictures in years past for more ideas:
So, I'm curious. Have you already had your school pictures taken this year? What did you do for the hair style?? Or what do you plan on doing, if it's still coming up?

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  1. I love this hairstyle! It's perfect for picture day. Unfortunately we had ours last week but I'm doing this next year.

  2. Picture Day is next week for us and I plan on doing my kindergartner's hair in a headband braid with the rest of her hair in soft curls.

  3. For picture day we did your Split French Braid Headband & Pigtails, but instead of French braids we did elastic braids because my daughters hair is really wispy around her face and it's hard to french braid it sometimes. It turned out really cute!

  4. This is so cute, I have to try it! For picture day, we did the Barbie hairstyle. I like hair mostly down in photos, too.

  5. Just wanted you to know I gave you an award. Go on over to my blog to pick it up. ;)

  6. Ooo I really like this one. Doubt I can get my antsy daughter to stay still long enough to do it, but I might just try :)

  7. I love the ribbon accent. She looks so grown up and fun!

  8. We had our picture day at the beginning of September on the first week of school...we ended up doing the french braid down to her ear with her bangs tied back into it and a bow over it. Turned out super cute! As for this hairdo, we just did it today and OMG adorable!!

  9. Tooo childish but cute....


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