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Tween Twists Princess Hairstyle

Here's a fun twist hairdo we did back before Our Princess donated her hair to locks of love. It makes me a little sad to see these pics. Look how long and beautiful her hair was! It does help to know that another little girl just might be a little bit happier because of the donation though. The Princess has mentioned several times now that she hopes the little girl who received her hair is happy with it and wonders what style she might be wearing that day. :)

So anyway, this hairstyle is quick and easy and I thought might be cute for little girls, as well as tweens and teens.....
tween hairstyle Start by grabbing a circular section of hair right at the crown of her head. Don't worry about getting the parts absolutely perfect. This hairstyle is meant to be a little bit messy and relaxed. Twist the hair up a little, but not right up against her scalp. You want it pretty loose.
After you get it twisted up, push the twist up towards the front of her head to form a little "poof" and secure with some crossing bobby pins.
Here's what it will look like at this point from the side. As you can see, I left the bangs out of the poofy section on both sides.
Now you can take the hair in the front/sides and start making some twisted sections. Bring the twists over the top of the bobby pins and secure with a claw clip. (Or more bobby pins if you prefer.)
Make as many twists as you want. We did 2 on each side.
And the finished look............

twist hairdo I think these poofy "bangs" gives it more of a grown up look. This hairstyle could maybe even work for Homecoming/Prom or a special occasion.
easy hairstyle for tweensYou could use this same concept using braids instead of the twists if you wanted as well.twist hairstyle This only took about 5 minutes! I've had some requests for styles that could be done on yourself. I think this one just might be easy enough for that.

cute little girl hairstyles

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  1. This is cute. I love the quick hairstyles!

  2. I have to say doing most hair dos on yourself aren't always too hard so I always try and if i mess up or epically fail its no big deal

  3. Love that style!! I need to start trying some of these on my daughter!

  4. What can I say? You really get me inspired on doing different hairstyles for my little girl! Great job! =)

  5. LOL - yup - guess we are thinking alike again! Very cute btw.


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