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Anyone Want A Topsy Tail?

scunci topsy tail We're having a giveaway! To enter, head on over to our giveaway blog. :)

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  1. In case I don't win, where do you buy these? I used to see them at Wal Mart and other stores, then I thought they stopped making them.

  2. I did see some at Claire's one time but not sure if they carry them anymore. You can also find them at, ebay, and amazon. Good luck!

  3. Aside from the topsy tail, which I have never owned but have always wanted, I am intrigued with the Perfect Ponytailer. I love your site by the way! I have a daughter the same age as yours and I love to get ideas from you! You truly are a very talented artist!

  4. Thanks for the info on these. My topsy tail that I had had for like 15 or 20 years broke so I bought one from amazon, but it has broken too, so I'm in need of another.


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