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Fake French Ribbon Braid Video

We posted this quick and easy "fake" french ribbon braid quite awhile ago, but recently had a request to make a video tutorial on it. So, here you go.

This is one of our favorite cheats. :)

This is our short hair version (shown in the video) with double braids on top....
double french braids
And here are a few more hairstyle ideas I dug up from older posts for you using this same technique:
A headband ribbon braid....
french ribbon braid One single french ribbon braid down the middle....
ribbon hairstyle for girls And, a single braid using thinner ribbon. (FYI, we've found this holds together better if the ribbon is a little thicker.)
ribbon braiding
Have fun with this hairdo!

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  1. This is way cute! For some reason I'm not getting your updates on facebook even though I'm a fan. I didn't know you had posted anything new.

  2. Ok now that is cool and pretty. Im going to tweet it now.


  3. Love the idea of the ribbon, adds extra 'bling'!

  4. My daughter's hair is still short and very fine. I find I do a lot of puffy braids (or elastic braids) just so her hair doesn't fall out. This fake french braid is also great because it gives the illusion of longer hair but the elastics still keep everything in place. Thanks for the idea!!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these videos...great idea!! :)


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