Sep 14, 2010

Knotted Twisty Bun

A quick and easy knotted bun. I think this would be a great hairstyle for dance recitals, ballet performances, or other sports. It stays in really well, keeps the hair out of her face, and looks cute besides. :)
bun for dancing We added a few knots in front this time for some added flair. Of course this is optional. But if you want to add the knots like we did here, leave some hair out in front before you make the ponytail....
Then part out a few sections with the hair you left out. We made zig zag parts between the sections just for fun. Tie some knots and add the ends in with the ponytail to keep them secure.
This hairstyle video tutorial is showing how to do the knotted bun itself:

If you have long hair, it works better to make knots in the entire ponytail instead of leaving some hair out like we did in this short hair version. And then instead of leaving the ends out to spike, you could curl them if you wanted for a more elegant and less messy look.
twist bun
messy bun for little girls She wore this hairstyle to church one day and soccer practice the next. :)