Sep 10, 2010

Braided Bangs - With A Tweek

We both love the look of french braided bangs or a braid in the front of our hairdos. It's one of those quick hairstyles we use a lot on school days. But, I thought it might be fun to try something a little bit different with this basic style to change things up. So.... instead of starting the french braid in it's usual spot on the front/side, I started it in the back this time. Just a small tweek, but I love how it turned out!
french braided bangs with ponytailTo start: Part out a rectangular row about an inch wide where her part would normally be on the side/top of her head and then another part from the row you just made, straight down to her ear.
This is a little awkward :) but have her face you while you french braid starting at the back of her head and continue down the row until you get to the front.
Then have her turn to the side and continue french braiding until you get to her ear. After I made the turn to go across the front, I only took hair from one side to give it more of a round look. If you want to continue taking hair from both sides of the braid, it will finish looking more square, which would be super cute as well.front braid When I got to her ear, I just tied the braid off with an elastic, added the flower, and put the ends in with the ponytail.
braided bangs
french braided bangs
french braid in front

Thank goodness for 5 minute hairstyles on school mornings! Otherwise we would be late every day. :)