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Simple And Fancy Headband

A quick hairstyle idea to add some flair to a simple headband and braided bangs......

french braided bangs First make a part from ear to ear. Then, make another small part in her "bangs" on the side. Take the hair/bangs on the side of the part with less hair and brush it to the back. Now place the headband over the part from ear to ear. I should have taken a picture of the other side, but all of the hair on that side should be underneath the headband at this point.

This "headband" is actually just a folded stretchy piece of fabric we had from a dance recital outfit that is tied underneath her hair. You could use a ribbon, head wrap, actual headband, or whatever you have available..

Starting at the side part, begin french braiding the front section of hair (only adding hair in from the front.) Every couple of plaits, split the strand next to the headband in half and set one half aside while you continue braiding. Braid down to the end of her hair and tie off with an elastic.
Using some pomade and water, smooth out the leftover strands. Then add in the end of the braid and position everything where you want it to lie. Tie together with a rubber band.
To keep everything in place, add some crossing bobby pins next to the rubber band.
Now you can add a fun flower or bow to finish it off and hide the bobby pins.
quick hairstyle for girls
fancy headband hairstyle
braid with headband
This hairdo reminds me a lot of the rays of sunshine hairstyle we did before we cut her hair. But instead of adding hair into the braided headband, hair was taken away from the braid this time around.

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  1. Is this pomade better than using hair gel? I use gel to keep it together all day.

  2. Breagh, I think gel works great too. Pomade seems to be less sticky and cruchy at the end of the day but I like both products.

  3. Wow! that is really beautiful.

  4. I love the way the braided hair looks alongside the headband and how the strands of hair cross over the headband. Super cute!!

  5. Im new here. Can anyone link me to the instructions to the hairdo on the very left of the header picture. I LOVE IT! But, for some reason I cant find it. Thank you so much.

  6. Hi Kristi, you can find those woven pigtails by clicking here.

    It's one of our favorite hairstyles as well. :)

  7. That link doesn't seem to want to leave the comment box lol. Here's the address to copy into your navigation bar:

  8. Great idea to braid around/over the headband! Creates a unique look, which any little girl would be proud to show off!

  9. popistarstarrygirlykhaeyeDecember 8, 2012 at 3:26 AM

    i love those but please tell me the perfect braid style so my crush in school will like pls reply princess


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