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Chutes and Ladders Hairdo

Silly name, I know. But, do you see the "chutes and ladders" in this hairstyle? Yep, we've even resorted to using board games to name a hairstyle. :) What next?
hairstyle for soccerSo, begin by parting out a square on top of her head and putting the rest out of the way in a ponytail for now. Then, make a diagonal part in the front of the square, smooth the hair to the side and secure with an elastic. This will make the first "chute."
Then part out another row and make a "ladder" by adding elastics all the way across the row. (When you get to the end, add in the ponytail from the first section.)
Add another chute......
And another ladder and chute. Just keep going until you get to the back of the square.
At this point, you can add some pigtails, a ponytail, a side ponytail, braids. Whatever you want!
hairstyle for sports I thought this might be a cute hairstyle for soccer or gymnastics. I like hairdos that keep her hair out of her face for sports.
gymnastics hairstyle We took out the messy pigtails before she went to bed and left the top in while she slept. In the morning, we added some quick pigtails and she was ready in 2 minutes. Sometimes recyclable hairstyles are nice!
pigtails with bows
cute hairstyle for little girls

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  1. This is cute. And I agree, it would be a perfect hairstyle for soccer or gymnastics!

  2. super cute!!!
    love it so much!
    might use it for the first day of school

  3. Very cute! and I like the name, too :)

  4. Cute, my sister (aka hairstyle test subject) would never let mee do this to her hair..she hates having more than two elastics in her hair..oh, well

  5. Hi, I just wanted to say that the pictures you are posting of your child can be copied and pasted by anyone on the internet. I know you have good intentions for people who want to copy your hairstyles but I also think it can attract the wrong attention such as pedophiles etc. I don't know how you can get your pics protected (so ppl can't copy & paste) but I was just concerned.

  6. Anonymous, thank you for your concern. It's unfortunately a very sick world that we live in. We have carefully considered this. That is why we never mention "the princess's" name or our location. We've decided if these pictures are taken, it doesn't make us happy, but ultimately it's just a picture. And really if a creepy person wanted a picture of a child, it would not be hard to find one. Even something as innocent as a yearbook, kwim? I'm actually more concerned with someone watching my kids on the way home from school or at a store or playground (in real life where they could actually harm them) than I am about someone copying and pasting these pictures.

    And, we did actually have a right click protector on our pics at one time, but it didn't stop people from taking them with a screenshot. :(

  7. I'm so amazed, your ideas are always fantastic. each time i wonder how you can come up with such wonderful hairstyles...!
    i visit your blog very regularly, it's always an enchantemant, thank you for sharing!!

  8. What a great style, and I love that it lasted two days!! BTW the name is super cute too.

  9. I love this hair style. I did it for church and my daughter liked it. It was a quick one too. I'll be doing it again soon. Thanks!
    P.S. I love the name!


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