Aug 10, 2010

How To Make A Fabric Rosette Headband

We've seen these fun vintage looking fabric flower rosette headbands all over the place lately. The princess and I think they're extremely cute, so we decided to dust off the hot glue gun and give it a try. The princess helped (this is a great craft to do with your girls) and we ended up making quite a few headbands to match some of her back to school outfits. I'm sure they'll come in handy when we need a quick hairstyle for school!
fabric flower headband tutorialIt's actually pretty funny that I'm posting a DIY craft tutorial on this blog. :) I've mentioned this before, but let me remind you that I'm not a crafty person at all. I really dislike sewing and rarely use a glue gun or fabric. So... if I can do this, you can do this for sure! This is a "no sew" method and was actually really easy and quick (even for me, lol.)

Items needed:

scrap fabric
hot glue gun
basic headband

Video tutorial 1: How to make a fabric rosette....

Video tutorial 2: How to attach the fabric flowers/bling to the headband.....

Of course, you can get creative with this and make all kinds of cute variations. You could add embellishments such as buttons, beads, feathers, jewels, tulle, lace, etc. You could make the rosettes out of ribbon or you could even make your own basic headband instead of buying one like we did.

We made one of these hair accessories using an old pair of jeans for the flowers that turned out to be our favorite headband.

If you try this, we would love to see the creations and ideas you come up with! Feel free to inspire us by posting pictures of your finished headbands on our facebook page!!