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Quick Triple Twist

Nothing too exciting or unique, but here's another super quick 5 minute hairstyle for those of you who have already started a new school year or are needing back to school hairstyles soon.
5 minute hairstyle Oh, and before I start with this hairdo, let me clear something up.... When I posted this hairstyle for long hair last week we had several people ask how in the world her hair grew out so fast after donating to locks of love!?! Well didn't! That hairstyle (as well as this one) were done long before she got her hair cut. They've just been sitting on a memory card in our camera. So... don't be alarmed if you see shoulder length hair one day and waist length hair the next. Nope, we don't have a secret concoction for growing hair and we're not using wigs or extensions lol. How exciting (depending on my mood) you never know what length of hair you might see when you visit this hair blog. A surprise, teehehe!! ;)

So anyway, back to the hairstyle: Make a side part on top of her head. Then make 3 sections and add a twist braid in each one like so....
Then simply braid the twist braids together into a regular 3 strand braid.

You may end up with the parts showing a little bit where you made the 3 sections. If you don't like seeing scalp, spray a little bit of hairspray where the problem is and run your comb down over the part to bring the hair together on both sides. twist braid hairstyle Took less than 5 minutes. :)
rope braid hairdo
hair style for school I think it almost looks like a french twist braid on each side with a complicated corkscrew braid in the middle. But of course, it's much faster and easier than all of that!
school hairstyle
back to school hairstyle No need to get up any earlier than you have to, right?

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  1. Cute hairstyle! I love having a quick one to reference to once in awhile.

  2. Hooray for cute and fast :) We'll need styles like that in just a couple weeks!

  3. That looks so cool! Thanks for sharing some quick ones for busy school mornings!

  4. I've gotta admit I had to double take this one thinking that her hair looked a bit long suddenly! I like this one! Cute.

  5. I love how cute and simple it is without LOOKING simple :)


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