Jun 22, 2010

4th of July Glowing Hairdo!

This hairdo is a "Princess Original!" She came up with this fun fourth of July hairstyle idea all on her own. :)

You may remember the collection of hairstyles for the 4th of July that we posted last year. You can browse through those if you're in the mood, and here's another crazy one to throw in the mix!

Of course this isn't the only hairstyle you could make "glow." After the Princess decided she wants glow sticks in her hair while she watches the fireworks on Independence Day, we had to come up with several more fun hairdo options using them! I'll post a few more if I get time before the 4th.

This one was fairly quick and easy. I made 3 cornrows with a zig zag part.....
cornrows Then added the glow sticks! My advice would be to put them in right before you head out at night. The glowsticks we got lasted about 8 hours. They will probably burn out before you want them to if you add them too soon.
4th of july glowing hairstyle This hairstyle would not only be fun for the 4th of July, but maybe even crazy hair day at school or at a night time party or sleep over!
The Princess was pretty excited about this one as you can tell in this video showing how to add the glow sticks......
Oh and the best part? She had darling curls after we took out the french braids for church the next day. 2 for 1!