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Patriotic Ribbon Cornrows

Here's a fun and quick hairstyle for the Fourth of July that will work with short hair or long.
Ribbon criss-crossed cornrows!
colorful cornrows I didn't take a ton of step by step pics of the braiding because we've done several tutorials on this hair blog using these crossed cornrows before and I didn't want to bore you with the instructions again!

I made a diagonal square on top of her head, split it in half length-wise and then again width-wise (forming 4 sections.) I then started braiding at the front left corner until I got to the end of the row and crossed the braid over to the bottom right and continued the frenchbraid to the end of that row. I finished up by braiding the front right section and crossed it over to the bottom left.
criss cross corn rows Using our plastic craft needle, I sewed some ribbon onto the cornrows starting at the end of the braid (at the elastic) and up to the top of the braid........
Then back down to the elastic......
Same thing on the other braid......
With the extra ends of ribbon, I just wrapped them around the braid and tucked them underneath and behind the elastic.
The Princess thought these ribbon X's looked a bit like little stars in her hair!
4th of july star hair This really was fairly quick! It took about 5 minutes to make the little cornrows and another 2 to add the ribbon.
cute hairstyle for little girls We even had time for curls!
short hair with curls

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  1. Very cute- I can't believe independence day is this next weekend--- I am so not ready for it to be here already.

  2. Yeah, the 4th is coming up really fast! Too fast! Thanks for sharing this, Kori!

  3. Very cute, I especially love her curls :)

  4. Love the simplicity of this one!


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