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St. Patricks Day Hairstyles - The Rainbow and Clover

We actually did this St. Patrick's hairstyle 2 years ago! I meant to post it last year and then forgot. It's been sitting in my drafts all this time. :)

I remember experimenting and trying to figure out how to add watermarks on these pictures too. You'll have to ignore our old "hair4myprincess" address on these pics. I'm WAY too lazy to go back and change the watermarks.Anway, this is pretty self expanatory I think. It's supposed to be a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end (since her hair is kind of a golden color lol.) This is a "Princess Original" as it was her St. Patrick's idea!

Just part from side to side, make your elastic connecting braid, and finish off each section before you part out the next section back. Of course, use the same color of elastics on each part of the "rainbow." Pull everything together on the side. I made a messy type bun, as you can see. She wore it in a curly side ponytail the next day, that was cute too. rainbow hairdo See where the orange elastics are? Those were actually supposed to be green like the colors of a real rainbow would be. Well, our green elastics had gone MIA (of all colors to be missing on St Patty's) so orange it was.
st patrick's hairstyle
st. patricks day hairdo Oh and Just a little warning; this hairstyle took awhile! I wouldn't recommend attempting it unless you have a good 30 minutes to spare. We were both tired of it towards the end!! There was something good that came from spending all that time on this though..... She was able to wear it for 3 days and it held up really well.

Of course, there is also the clover hairstyle we posted last year. You can find that here: St. Patrick's Hairdo
clover hairdo

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  1. I love the clover hair style. We'll be using it for st. patricks day for sure!

  2. That is an awesome clover hairstyle. So cool! Love the other one too!

  3. Um, I think one of my girls is getting a rainbow next Wednesday now! I'll send you pics cause I think I'm going to do braided cornrows across and sew ribbon in for the colors!

  4. LOVE the rainbow 'do!! I will definitely have to try this one out!!

  5. I love the rainbow. My question is where do you get the colored rubber bands for her hair?

  6. Very cute. One idea to maybe make it a little faster is have the parts starting up the top, maybe on the side and letting them swoop down to the side. Just easier going downward than sideways..of course then it's not the shape of a rainbow. Just an idea. But I'm excited to try this in my daughters hair...I just hope it's long enough!


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