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Tritzi Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Head on over to our giveaway blog and enter to win a gift certificate From "Tritzi" for some cute hair accessories like these......

five strand french braid fish braid
Notice I attempted a 5 strand diagonal french braid! It went ok until I got to the bottom lol. Thank goodness I could cover up the "not so nice part" with a cute flower from Tritzi!! :) The hairstyle on the right is just a regular old fish braid. On school mornings we do quick braids like this A LOT. It's fun to have some cute accessories to spice them up a bit.

To enter the contest for the gift certificate, go to our giveaway blog:

Any entries on THIS post will not count. Go HERE to put your entries in. Thanks!

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  1. What a great giveaway! (Yes, I know...I'm going there next, I just hate seeing the "0 Comments" thing =P)

  2. This is so cuteee! I know i dont count just luv the styles!!


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