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St. Patrick's Day Hairdo Idea

I wasn't planning on posting today. But, this *pre-St. Patricks's hairstyle just turned out so cute! I had to share it. :)

Here's a quick video tutorial showing how...
Make the french braid first. I did a diagonal inside-out french braid. A regular french braid would also work. Or if you don't know how to french braid, you could do an elastic braid. Whatever!

Ribbon Braid dutch braid To sew around the braid, I used our plastic needle and did it basically the same way I did this ribbon headband hairstyle. Start sewing at the bottom, on one side of the braid. Sew up to the top and down the other side with each ribbon. (You'll need 3 pieces of ribbon total.)
hairstyle using ribbons
st. patrick's day hairstyle This was actually fairly quick too! From start to finish this took less than 15 minutes.
Have a happy St. Patrick's Day!
Oh, and in case you're wondering, the cute shamrock bow came from "Kells Bows."

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  1. Very cute! I am attempting something similar at the moment, with ribbons and braids - but Q just isn't having it!! Not enough patience today... :)

    Thanks for posting, even tho you weren't planning on it!

  2. So super cute and easy! Thanks for posting. Now I just need to see if I have the ribbon, and I'm all set for my girl's hair tomorrow morning!

  3. Wow (that's really all I can say about that, amazing)

  4. That turned out so cute. I've got to get some green ribbon tonight :)

  5. I ended up doing this one this morning for my girlie. Super cute turnout! I ran out of time and could only do one ribbon on the outside of the braid, but it still looked cute. I didn't have my camera this morning, so no pics:( Hopefully it'll still be intact this afternoon though! Thank you for all the fabulous hair style daughter's preschool teachers think I am amazing! lol

  6. I love it! The weaving of the ribbon next to the french braid is so unique!

  7. This is wonderful!
    What a good idea.

    My girls will be thrilled to wear this.

  8. we did this one for st patty's day. LOVED IT! although i ran out of time and only got to weave one row of ribbon, it still turned out pretty cool.

    here's the link to the blog post i did if you care to see my handiwork:

    thanks for yet another awesome idea! we're planning on doing the basket weave 'do for easter :)

  9. Cute! My daughter is learning about bugs this week at preschool, so I did two hearts, one on each side, to make a butterfly!


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