Mar 18, 2010

New Hair Idea/Accessory & Giveaway

I'm so excited about these fun new hair accessories! I don't think I've seen anything quite like them before.

They're called Sidewinder Hair Holders and my daughter and I are in love with them! We've actually gone a little nuts this past week or two trying them out with different hairstyles. They're just so cute and different (and quick.)

Here is the first of several hairstyles we have planned to post using these Sidewinders in the next few weeks. I "stole" this hairstyle idea right off of the Sidewinder website! You can click over to watch a video on how to make this hairstyle and put the Sidewinder in your hair if you would like.

Oh and of course I couldn't show you this fun new "gadget" without offering up a giveaway too! Go here for a chance to win some Sidewinders of your own. (10 winners this time!)
quick hairstyle for girls As usual, you need to go to our giveaway blog to enter the contest. Comments on this post won't count. Go here to enter:

Also, if you entered the contest for the gift certificate to Tritzi, the winner has been posted here.