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Sidewinder Tiara Hairstyle

This hairdo is easy and quick! I didn't even take step by step pics because I figured they aren't needed. :)

I made 5 ponytails in the front, split the 3 middle ponies in half, added a 1-inch sidewinder to each strand and combined them together in the back with 4 elastics.
beaded hairstyle hair accessory The sidewinders come in 2 pieces that are twisted together, so you can mix and match colors if you want to. You could either do everything the same color, or combine colors like we did here.

tiara hairstyle
banded hairdo I love these because they look a lot like beads but are so much faster and easier to add!

Oh and btw, this is the last day to enter our contest to win some free sidewinders. You can go here to enter if you would like!

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  1. Ah! Please put your settings back so that the whole post shows up in my google reader! Something just changed and now I only get the first few lines and I have to read the rest on your site! Not that I mind looking at your site... it was just so much quicker before! PLEASE?!?

  2. Me too! I only have a minute every now and then to check and Reader is my best friend... please?

  3. This is really weird! I don't know how google reader works because I don't use it. But, I haven't changed anything. (Or at least I haven't tried to change anything lol.) I did add captcha to my comments because I've been getting tons of spam, but I don't think it's related. I'll have to look at my settings and see what I can find.

  4. Ok so now I know why the feed is set to partial. Last week I found a "blog" that was basically stealing our content and pictures of our daughter (creepy, yes?) I thought they were copying and pasting everything but my hubby did some research last night and decided they were taking the content automatically through our feed. So, he switched the feed over to partial as an experiment. Right now we're just waiting to see what happens and may have to take more action if it doesn't stop. Disturbing.

    Anyway, that's the scoop. Sorry if it's annoying to all of you "google readers." :)

  5. Thanks for looking into it! Sorry about the crazies out there. That's too bad!

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