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Elastics To The Side

We are loving these sidewinders because we can do a quick and simple hairstyle like this one, yet when we add them in, it's still different and fun!
hairstyle for little girlsFor the hairstyle: Part out a square on top of her head first. Then part out a section in front and add the first elastic. Add the hair from the first section all the way back. Easy and quick! We added 2 sidewinders (mixing pink and clear) to the ponytail after.
adding beads to hair
hair holders hairstyle My only complaint is: We have had a hard time keeping the sidewinders in without them sliding out. (I'm guessing this is because The Princesses hair is so smooth and straight.) Our solution has been putting an elastic at the bottom of the sidewinder, which works great.

sidewinder hairdo Or, we add some type of a braid to keep the sidewinder from slipping. I recycled the top of this hairdo and used those elastics two days in a row. Hey, school starts early!!
two braids hairstyle
cute girls hair style

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  1. Very cute! Will definitely be trying that one :)
    I was wondering about the slipping issue when I was looking at their site. My oldest probably won't have any trouble, her hair is super thick... but the other two have really fine, stick-straight hair. Thanks for the elastic suggestion, I may just need it! :)

  2. I wanna this sidewinders :-(
    I´ll get them, anyway, your princess always look so wonderful ;.)

  3. This is tomarrows sidewinders here though :( Looks so easy and fun Thank you !!! <3

  4. Wow- she is looking so grown up from when you first started. I am not sold on these thingers... they look a little bulky. Are they? And do they just slide down-- that is my biggest worry because Beans hair is thin and they look a little big and bulky. They look cute, but... do you know what I am trying to ask?

  5. Hi Jenn, Good to "see" you again! Yes, I know what you're asking LOL. I think "Bean's" hair is probably a lot like "The Princesses." As I mentioned in the post, we have had a problem with them sliding out. If you end up getting some you will probably have to do what we did and add an elastic at the end to keep them put. They're about the same width as a pencil, so I wouldn't say they are bulky, but yeah they defintely will slide. ;) I think the extra cuteness they add is worth the trouble of adding an elastic to the bottom. :)

  6. Egg on my face you caught me looking and not fully reading--- lol.

  7. Cannot wait until my daughters hair is long! Love all the styles you have on your site, too cute!


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