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How To Do Twists - Another Method

I think most everyone does these little cornrow type twists. We love them and use twists in lots of our hairstyles. I know some people have a hard time with the french twist braid, so this is just an easier way to get the same type of look.
twist hairstyle twist cornrows Part out a row where you want the twist to be and section off a small piece in front of the row.
Using the end of a rat tail comb, start wrapping the hair around it. We have a smaller rat tail comb that I would normally use, but it's gone MIA. I'm guessing it's in with the Princess's doll stuff. :) The thinner the handle of your comb, the tighter the twists will be.

Keep wrapping the hair around the comb while adding sections of hair all the way back.

Keep going until you get to the end of the row.

Slide the comb out of the twist and add an elastic at the end of the row to keep it in place.
Quick and easy!
twist hairstyle Oh, and you may have noticed I've started to add watermarks to our pictures. Due to some "unfortunate events" I've decided I need to do this to help keep my daughter's pictures safe. It's too bad it's come to this, but unfortunately it's not an innocent world that we live in. Hopefully the watermarks won't be too annoying or distracting. But I'm sure any of you with kids would understand why we don't want our pictures taken (as you would want the same courtesy shown to your children.) Thank you!!

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  1. Also, I have a question for all of you techies. :) I had a right click protector on our blog before (to keep people from saving our pics.) But this made it impossible to right click on anything (including links) which I find very annoying. (Not to mention it didnt stop people from using the print screen or dragging our pictures off the page.)So, does anyone know of a way to right click protect JUST our pictures and not everything else on the blog? If you have a solution, feel free to share!!

  2. I read the post on the other blog and it really upsets me that the printing company is claiming to be within their rights. Ridiculous. As a photographer, this really irks me.

    On another note, I absolutely LOVE your blog and thank you for what you do.

  3. I actually found your blog back in October after a google search. I was trying to find a hairstyle to go with my Mary Poppins costume and your ribbon bun style came up. I have NEVER tried to copy+paste your pictures! I started to one time so I could take the copy into the bathroom with me to use as a guide, but when I saw the copyright notice I very quickly decided against it! (for obvious reasons) Your daughter is cute as a button and it would be terrible for her pictures to be stolen! (especially since she is so young) I truly hope this never happens to you. If I were you I would go to a website that has security devices already in place and try to contact them to see how they protect their properties. I love your blog and have used it numerous times. It is terrible that anyone could exploit children, but it is unfortunately very true. I would also suggest googling yourself occasionally to see what comes up, it's a long shot but it might just reveal some very interesting things! I hope everything works out for you and i love your work.

  4. I use a free program called Windows Live Writer (downloaded from the internet) to write my blogs in and it posts them to the internet for me. One amazing feature of this program is if I set my picture links to "none" it allows you to keep people from clicking on your photos (to make them larger) are then right clicking to save them. Also keeps them from coming up in Google searches. I use this program and then have the right click disabled on my site so no one can take my photos....also, using LOW resolution photos on your blog (large enough to see online but too small to print) makes it so that even if they steal them, they can't print them.

  5. The watermark doesn't change the greatness of your ideas. I sooo appreciate your photos, that teach me what I can do with my girls hair. Thanks so much to your and your daughter.

  6. GLad you are keeping the princess safe with the water marks. Also thanks for the tip on twists. For some reason I can't do them.

  7. I can't wait until R's hair grows back enough to do some of these hairstyles.

    You are so talented Kori

  8. I never knew this was so easy???
    Now I am so bummed I never had a little girl...
    (fingers crossed, one chance for maybe a granddaughter yet) ;)

    Faythe @GMT

  9. You are amazing. I have taken time to try out your new styles, but yours always look picture perfect!!! Mine aren't too bad, but the art of your french braid and twists....I need the secret. Is it in the gel, wet hair, your daughters hair?

  10. ive been wanting to know how to do that!!!!! Thanks

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I just found your blog and I'm glad I did! I hope to try some of these styles on my daughter. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Would this method work of more highly textured hair?

  14. oh my goodness, I'm so glad I found this blog. I STINK at doing my girls hair, and our former nanny ROCKED at doing hair became her thing. Now that I stay home with my kids, they've been stuck with blah hairstyles and miss the cute things the nanny did. Now I think I can do some of these things!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Also---I'm sorry for whatever happened to your daughter's pictures. That stinks. The watermarks are not annoying or distracting at all...I was too busy looking at the hair to notice them until you mentioned them! (what can I say, I'm in aww!)

  15. Christy, Thanks for the info. I'm going to look into it.

    Stacey, I usually do my daughter's hair wet. It seems to turn out smoother that way. We sometimes use pomade from Pantene as well, it helps cut down on flyaways. It's also the natural straight texture of her hair that is easy to work with. Good luck!

    Monica, I'm not sure if this would would work with textured hair or not. I've actually never tried it on anyone but my daughter! Be sure to let us know if you try it.

  16. This is great. I've never seen/heard of this. Might have to try it one day! She's such a cutie by the way!

  17. So cute!

    I used to sell on ebay and there was always problems with people taking other seller's pictures to use as there own. The placement of your watermark will not help, since it can be cropped out easily.

    Your best bet is to make the picture unclickable, so it can't open larger and at a higher resolution.

  18. Thanks for this tip. I've tried the twists on DD 3.5's hair and it would never last long. She has major fly away and still some baby hair. So we are trying this today. I usually do the girls hair wet as well. It helps with control so much.
    Good luck with the picture thing. I think the Window Live write sounds like the best bet. My blog isn't too looked at yet, but I think I'm gonna look into it.

  19. nice post. thanks.

  20. thanks i love this so much and your little princess is soooooooo cute


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