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Double Headband Ribbon Braid

I think this has to be one of my new favorite hairstyles. I say that a lot, but this one is just so simple and cute!! I would try it on myself if my hair was long enough.
cute hairstyle Super easy and quick too!

Start by cutting 2 lengths of ribbon. How long the ribbons need to be depends on the length of your daughter's hair. The ribbons I used were about 5 feet long each. Maybe cut them a little longer if you're not sure. You can always trim at the end, but it's hard to add more if you need it! :)

Part her hair on the side and lay the ribbons over her head (leaving about the same length hanging on each side.) Place a temporary bobby pin on either side of the part just to keep the ribbons separated and where you want them for a minute.

Smooth all of her hair over to one side and adding in the ribbons, start braiding. Try to place the ribbons on top while you're braiding so that they show up in the braid. Tie the ribbons into a bow at the bottom if you want to.
cute and quick hair style When you're done braiding you can take the temporary bobby pins out at the top. I ended up adding some permanent bobby pins on each side of the braid in a crossing pattern to keep the ribbons in place and prevent them from sliding around. The bobby pins don't bug me and I actually think they are cute showing. (Just my opinion.)

As you can see, her hair is still dripping wet here. It looked better and cuter when it dried. No time for drying when you have church at 9:00 a.m. though!
I'm thinking this hairstyle would be cute for cheerleading! You could use 2 different colors of ribbon to match the school colors.
double ribbon headbanddouble headband I have another fun, but not so simple variation of this hairstyle ready to post next. (When I find time of course, which most likely won't be for a few days.)

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  1. Adorable as usual! Can't wait to try this hairstyle.

  2. Very pretty Kori- She is sure looking very grown up these days.

  3. My daughter is a cheerleader. This hairstyle would be adorable for her cheerleading squad! Thanks so much for the cute idea.

  4. Oh my gosh I love it! And the bobby pins are super cute :)

  5. How cute! This would be perfect for cheer. Thanks so much, I'll be linkin.

  6. This is a very creative style. That's what should happen in all salons. People should come out feeling better and happy. Just to mention, my stylist Nora Luna at Salon Xia Pasadena CA is such a stylist. She has been doing my hair for several years now and i think she is gifted for it.

  7. I found your blog via One Pretty Thing. My 3 year old daughter and I have already tried 2 of the different styles! She's pretty squirmy & has really slippery hair, so they didn't look as nice as yours, but it's really fun. She comes over and sits on my lap and says she wants to look at the hair girl :)

  8. I just discovered this blog yesterday and took some time to browse through it today and I am totally amazed at all of these hairstyles! I wish my girls would let me try some of these on their hair - unfortunately they don't like their hair messed with much - the one daughter that would let me has such thin hair that I find hard to work with, and the other two have really thick (and short) hair. Anyway, I will always check back for fun ideas just in case they let me play. Oh, and I was bummed, I was visitor number 1,000,001 today - so close!

  9. Your Right, it would be great for cheerleading. Also great for gymnastics. The ribbons could match the leotards.


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