Jan 23, 2010

1,000,000 Visitors Contest is Over AND Coins For Comments!

Ok, so the 1,000,000th visitor has came and gone! How exciting!!

I think there were a few too many people refreshing the page at the same time and it confused the counter, lol. It seems that a whole bunch of you were 1,000,0001!!

I did have one person email me the winning screen shot at 1 million though. So.... congrats to Jenni H. (our winner)!!!!! For those of you who are curious, Jenni chose a Walmart gift card for her prize.

Also, my wonderful friend over at Babes in Hairland (out of the kindness of her heart) is donating "coins for comments" to help people over in Haiti. All you need to do is head over to her site and leave a comment on the "coins for comments post." She will donate 10 cents for every comment she receives on that post! (One per day, per person.) So, if you've been looking for a way to help out the people of Haiti but don't have money or time to give, this would be a quick and easy way!! Oh and by the way.... I am going to help cover anything over the $250 she is hoping to donate. So, lets get a whole bunch of comments over there!!!

Have a nice weekend everyone!