Jan 24, 2010

Zig Zag Braided Double Ribbon Headband

Wow, these titles are getting a little long! Anyway, here's the fun variation of our latest do that I promised. Start by parting her hair on the side, then part out 2 sections on each side of the part and do some pull throughs in each section as shown.

By the way, some of the steps in this hairstyle could be used as it's own hairdo! It would be darling left just like this. Right?
hairstyle for girls If you want to keep going; Thread a couple of ribbons through the middle of the pull throughs. These will act as little "holders" so that the ribbons will stay in place.
(The ribbons we used were about five feet long and were fairly stiff/thick.)

Now you can braid the ribbons into the hair on both sides (4 braids total.) We made these braids look zig-zaggy by splitting the hair into 2 strands and using the ribbon as the 3rd strand in the braid. Try to hold the ribbon flat as you're braiding and loosely braid the hair around the ribbon without letting the ribbon fold or twist. Secure at the bottom with a clear elastic.

Again, you could stop right here if you wanted. We actually left her hair down just like this one day and it was so cute!
Or, if you would rather.... Pull everything over into a side ponytail and braid the ends the same way we did with the other hairstyle.

It's hard to see here, but her hair wasn't quite long enough to go all the way down the ribbon and over to the ponytail on that pink braid. I just tied it off with a clear elastic halfway down the ribbon to keep the hair from unraveling. It really wasn't noticeable. So, if your daughter's hair is on the shorter side, that's an option.
2 headbands
ribbon hair style
braided headband hairstyle
ribbon braidsIs this gross? We loved this one so much she wore it for 3 days! I left the ribbons braided and just touched up the ponytail each day before school with some water and hairspray. Now you know all our secrets!!