Jan 12, 2010

Braided Twisty Headband

criss cross cornrows This hairstyle has been sitting in our folder for awhile. It's basically the criss cross french braid hairstyle on it's side, in the front (headband style.)

Start by parting two headband sections like this.... Then, part those sections into 3 sections each. 6 total. Starting in the right front section..... French braid up and over to the back middle section. Then, down to the front left section. (I used inside out french braids, dutch braids, or "cornrows." Regular french braids would work as well.)
Next, french braid the remaining sections. Starting with the back right and going to the front middle and ending with the back left.
I ended this by banding together the braids above her ear and adding a cute clippie.
french braid in front
twisted headband
french braid headband
front braid