Jan 7, 2010

The Rose - Beautiful And Quick Hairstyle!

rose hairstyle Make a ponytail on top of her head (with a clear elastic) like this.....

This hairstyle works best for me when the hair is damp. Also, put a little bit of gel or pomade in at the top of the ponytail and run it all the way down to the ends.
Next, take the ponytail and start loosely wrapping it around the elastic....
Keep going.....Wrap the hair around as many times as you need to, depending on how long (or short) your little girl's hair is. You can either keep going until the ends are all wrapped up, or leave a little bit of the ends out like we did.Tighten everything up just a little bit (it should still be fairly loose.) Rearrange things if you need to (so that it's somewhat centered) and smoosh it all down so that it lays flat.Now it's time to bobby pin everything in place. Don't worry about trying to hide the bobby pins. I think they look cute showing a little! We pinned this in 3 spots: The top, at the base where the ends are coming out, and on the right side. At each of these points we used 2 bobby pins (crossing each other for a better hold.) So, 6 bobby pins total. To spice things up a bit, the princess picked out these cute bobby pin flowers to add from Every Little Detail. We also curled the ends under just a bit and added a ringlet to each side of her head.5 minute hair stylequick and cute hairdo
little girl hairstyle with flowers
Including the time for the curls, this took 7 minutes to do. If you leave the curls out, you could probably do it in 5!