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$100 For One Million Page Views - A Fun Contest!

I just noticed the counter on our blog passed 900,000 page views over the weekend and is getting closer and closer to 1,000,000! It's taken a little over a year and a half and a lot of people stopping by our little blog to rack up that many views!!

I decided do this contest as a thank you for all of the fun and enjoyment my daughter and I have received from doing this blog. You'll never know how much each comment/email/friendship from our readers (all of you) has meant to us!

Here's How To Win:

If you scroll down to the very bottom of our blog, you will see a little box (the counter.) The number to watch is the first line (pages.) Whoever happens to land here when the counter hits 1,000,000 will win up to $100!!!!!

The more hair obsessed you are, the more cash you will win!

* You will get $20 for being the millionth visitor.
* I will add $20 more if you are also one of our facebook fans.
* +$20 if you are a blog follower (on our right sidebar.)
* +$20 if you have shared this contest with your friends and posted about it on facebook or on your blog sometime between now and the time this contest ends. (The more people you share this with, the faster the page views will add up and the quicker this contest will be over!)
* +$20 if you are an owner of our new hairstyle book.

The winner can choose to either have cash (through paypal) or a gift card. Keep in mind though, I live in a fairly small town so the gift card selection is limited. (We do have a Walmart and a Home Depot.)

*Oh, and please don't feel like you need to fan/follow us/buy a book/whatever unless you really want to. That's not my intention with this contest. I just want to reward and thank our "hair obsessed club" and our regular visitors more than..... a passerby who accidentally landed on our site at the right time by typing in the wrong address, lol. *wink*

Now, some of you might remember the contest we had for our 100,00th visitor almost a year ago. It ended with more than one winner (which was not what I had in mind.) THIS contest is for page views, which are counted every time the page is loaded, even by the same visitor. So, I am confident that there will only be one winner this time around.

The lucky 1,000,000th person will need to take a screen shot of the counter and email it to me for verification. To take a screen shot, hit "ctrl" and "print screen" at the same time. Then, open up something you can paste a picture into (like microsoft word) and press "ctrl v" to paste. After you've pasted it, you can send it to: hair4myprincess at yahoo dot com.

If you're using a Mac: Press "the apple button" (it's near shift) plus "shift" plus "3" all at the same time. That should take the screen shot. From there you should be able to paste.

If you are technically challenged like me. :) Take a picture of your screen with a digital camera and email me the picture. Geez, if you need to use your Polaroid and "snail mail" the picture - I will accept that too, lol. I don't care the method, I just want to make sure I'm sending the prize to the right person.

I can't wait to see who the winner is. Good luck everyone!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. How fun! It must be so cool for you to know that almost a MILLION people have looked at your page! I don't even know if my family reads my blog, lol. Have a great day!

  2. One million page views is, much like the hairstyles on here, very impressive!

  3. Great idea for a contest. Ill be stocking this blog more than usual watching that counter! I hope to be here when it flips over.

  4. wow! I am impressed with the awesomeness off your blog! good job!

  5. Wahoo, I might become obsessed with looking at your blog over the next couple days though. I wonder if we live in the same small town, we have a wal-mart and a home depot too.

  6. What a cute contest! It will be fun to watch those numbers grow.

    And congratulations on all these visits! You totally deserve it for offering up such a fun site. =)

  7. Hi from Australia, just thought I'd let you know that your website has given me some great ideas for my daughter's "do"s. Some of them look like I'd need about 50 fingers working in tandem but I'll give some of them a go! Thanks, Melissa

  8. Oh noooo I was just visitor 100,000,001.

  9. What happens if the One Millionth person doesn't come forward to claim their prize? Will you take One Million and One? I was 1,000,001. :D I got a screenshot JUST IN CASE, lol.

  10. Uh oh, apparently more than one person can be the same number!

  11. Aw crap! A whole bunch of you were 1,000,0001!! I think you broke my counter, lol. It seems to have gotten stuck on 1,000,0001 for a few seconds. I guess it's not as reliable as I thought it was! I think there was only one winner though, unless someone else emails me in the next little bit. We will see!!


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