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New Years Eve Updo

This New Years Eve hairstyle is actually from last year. I love it so much that I had to post it again!

A fancy schmancy updo for a special occasion. Maybe a New Years party, or even a flower girl hairstyle! She actually wanted a princessy type hairdo to go with her cute new Christmas dress.

christmas dress Make the parts first. We did one section in the front for her "bangs." One across the back going from ear to ear. And four diagonal sections going from the front to the back part. Put each section in a temporary ponytail to keep everything separated.

Slick down the bangs and secure them above her ear with a clear elastic. Then, do some kind of a french braid in each of the four diagonal sections. We did french twist braids. If you don't know how to do that, we have a video tutorial at the bottom of this post.Place the finished braids up out of the way and pull the remaining hair into a ponytail. I did an upside down pull through in the ponytail to add a little volume.Next, gather all the braids directly underneath the ponytail and secure with an elastic. (You should now have 2 ponytails on top of each other.)Curl all the hair in the 2 ponytails.Now, to make the ponytail a little fancier: There is no exactness to this part. Just grab little sections of hair and sort of loop them around and secure them to her head with either bobby pins or little claw clips like this......Do as many sections as you want to. I think we ended up using five clips years eve hairstyle All done!
special occasion updoupdo for little girlstwists in the frontfrench twist braids This sweet little dress came from "Madison Browne" via a blog contest on This Mom Can Shop. It was one of her favorite Christmas presents this year! She looked just like a little princess with her fancy hairstyle and dress.
flower girl dress

Here is a tutorial showing how to make the french twist braid cornrows:
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! Ours was great. We'll see you all next year. :)

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  1. The hairstyle is gorgeous. We will try it out for our new years eve party. My dd is going to be a flower girl this summer. We might use this hairdo for that as well!And the dress is really cute. She's such a little doll.


    1. I'm sure she's adorable. What does "dd" stand for??

  2. Love this one! Your daughter is so cute, and you can tell she feels so special with her fancy hair and new dress.

    BTW, I LOVE the color/texture of your wall. I dream of having more than just beige walls.

  3. That is a gorgeous style! It is perfect for a special occasion!

  4. I love how you make interesting parts - the diagonals look awsome! You truely are one of my "Heroes of the Hair!"
    Amie @

  5. That is gorgeous. I wish my older girl was more of a girl! Grrr!

  6. How cute! I think this is one of my favorite hairstyles that you have done :)

  7. Wow - I've been looking for a way to do my little girl's hair tonight and this is perfect! Thank you SO much! :-)

  8. I love the hairstyles. I have my mom put them in my hair.

  9. Dear Madam,
    This is Imee from Dubai again, I really appreciate your work and this hair do is very very nice, but what I like the most is the dress it is very very nice and fit your daughter. I believe that your choice for the Christmas dress was wonderful and admirable.

  10. We did this style for church and my dd and I loved it. Thank you for another great idea!

  11. Love the way you are doing your little angels hair, she's so precious with her cute hair styles.

  12. I LOVE this hairstyle! I tried it on one of my little sisters and it was gorgeous....I may do it to myself for my next formal event here at college. :-) I am so jealous of your daughter's hair! :-)

  13. Absolutely stunning updo! looks amazing a what a lovely little girl!!

  14. Fancy! I love this! I would love it if it was in my hair! :)

  15. I've been learning from your blog for a while now and am always inspired. I just thought I would leave a little "Thank You" for all you have taught me. You are very creative and the hairstyles are always lovely. My daughter and I really appreciate your wonderful blog.

  16. Hi... me again... this hairstyle is beautifuuuuul... i love this... i practice with my little daugther... perhaps she also likes...

    thank you, thank you very much for sharing what you know, this is a nice way to live ... do not you think?



  17. Last year I saw this style and fell in love with it! Problem is, I didn't have a little girl to do it on. Until I was helping prepare some princesses for a piano recital. Fortunately my little charge liked it as much as I did. It turned out really nice...I think my friend has the picture on her camera.

    Then, I had a little sister for two months (we're a foster family). Some of the styles here proved invaluable (especially the twist tutorials) since she had a weird haircut we we trying to grow out.

    I lost my bookmarks when my computer crashed and just rediscovered your website!

    Just thought I should comment since I have been lurking so long!

    Jordan Elizabeth

  18. Wow. All I can say is ...... WOW!! You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
    I just want to say thank you for EVERYTHING you have taught me. You are amazing at doing hair. I am inspired.

    1 question- How did you get those curls??? They are gorgeous!!!! If you mentioned how... sorry. Must have not been paying attention.

    Thank You.

    P.S- Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL.

  19. This is my absolute favorite hairstyle! I wish I could do it on myself, but I can't I have tryed. :(


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