Dec 22, 2009

Heidi Hairdo - Christmas Style

I thought we were done posting until after Christmas. But, we did this hairstyle today and it turned out so cute. So, how could I not post it? :)

I only have one picture of the steps (sorry.) I wasn't planning on posting this at the time I was doing it! It's actually very easy though. Just make some pigtails and braid in a ribbon or scarf on each side. (I didn't have two scarfs available, so I added one to only one of the braids. Whatever works for you!) Leave out some of the scarf hanging on both the top and bottom of the braid to make bows later.

Next, position the braids over the top of her head and sew them into place with a plastic needle and ribbon. Tuck the ends of the braids in with bobby pins of you need to. Then, make some bows on each side with the leftover ribbon or scarf.
This took less than 10 minutes!

K, I posted this quick....... in record time! Hope it makes sense, lol. And now I'm REALLY done. I haven't even started wrapping (or cooking, or cleaning.) aaack