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Holiday Bun

Christmas bun It looks like this will be the last Christmas hairstyle I will have time to post. We actually just got back from Disneyland! And now we have all the Christmas stuff to do. So, I'll be taking a Christmas break from blogging.

Just for fun, here's a little glimpse into our trip....... The Princess meeting another Princess!
Disney Princess Belle And now back to the hairstyle....

Make a ponytail (We did ours on the side. The middle would work too if you prefer.) Split the ponytail in half and run 2 ribbons through the elastic at the top. (You can see the red ribbon here. We added white as our second ribbon.) Braid both sides of the ponytail and secure with clear elastics at the ends.Form one of the braids into a circular shape and using a plastic needle, sew the ribbon around the braid. Don't worry too much about the end of the braid at this point. You can tuck it in later.Starting on the other side, sew the remaining braid around the first one with the other ribbon.Tuck the ends in with a few bobby pins. Then, tie the ends of the ribbons into bows so that they don't come undone and finish it off with a cute Christmas bow.

holiday hair style I put some french braids in front before we started the bun just for fun this time.

christmas hairstyle Another day we did this bun without the french braids and added some elastic braids instead.

little girls christmas hairstyleI hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and we'll see you after the holiday!

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  1. Wow, that hairstyle is amazing! I love how you have these simple steps to create the most intricate looking designs. Very elegant! And the princess meeting princess shot is super cute :)

  2. As always, a great hairstyle. As always, one I can only dream about doing.

    We LOVE Disneyland around here! Great picture, and I bet your princess loved meeting Belle!

  3. Wow! That is such a beautiful and creative style. You are amazing.

  4. Just wanted you to know I posted your hair4myprincess blog address on my blog. My 1st grade daughter and I love your blog! We also did another variation of your holiday bun. Redpunzel posted a picture of her holiday wreath hair that we sewed in like your holiday bun. Basically a sewed in wreath. It looked great!

  5. I love that pic of Belle!! This hairstyle is so much easier to do than it looks after it is finished. Amazing! I can't wait till my 2 year old gets hair :)

  6. that is so neat! You have some talent!! I don't think it would look that good if I did it! LOL


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