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Christmas Hairstyle - Holly Berries

Another fun holiday hairstyle....

hairstyle for girls This one is very simple. Just some barbie bangs and 3 knots to form the "berries." (Make sure to add an elastic to the bottom of the knots to keep them tight.)holly berry hairstyleWe stole some "accessories" off an ornament on our Christmas tree!holiday hairstyle for little girlsSorry about the dark picture. Don't know what's up with that?
holiday hairstyle
christmas hairstyle
She had some braids in the day before which made some cute waves. We finished off the look by curling in some ringlets with our curling iron.

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  1. ADORABLE!!!
    You are so brilliant.

  2. Those knots are absolutely adorable! I never would've thought to do something like that.

  3. I did this today for church and i had a holly berry skirt that went with it :) I cut off pieces from the holly bush outside though...Too cute


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