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When You Forget To Set Your Alarm......

You have to work with what you have!

This whole alarm catastrophe happened the day after our picture day hairdo. Basically, we had the little french braid in the front and a tangled mess in the back to work with.

Now normally, I wouldn't even post something like this. BUT, I'm sure I'm not the first person who has not wanted to send their daughter to school looking like she just rolled out of bed (even though she just did, lol.) So, here's my cheating quick fix tips: It's amazing what can be done in 3 minutes with just a water bottle, some hairspray, a comb, and a bow. A cute bow can make all the difference in a situation like this! Here's the deal; you can get away with not combing everything out! I just sprayed her hair down a little with some water, then smoothed out only the top layer of hair as I pulled it into a ponytail. Of course the front was all fuzzy and sticking up, so I sprayed it with hairspray and water as I combed it down. For the bun, I just wrapped everything up haphazardly with an elastic. Good thing messy buns are in style, huh! This cute corker bow from Shimmy Shimmy Bowtique was strategically placed in a particularly bad spot and hid a lot of the mess!

Obviously we didn't have time for pictures, but I snuck in a couple anyway. :)

french braid in front
messy bun The moral of the story? Don't forget to set your alarm!! But, just in case you forget......It really doesn't take that much time to throw a hairstyle together with what you already have to work with. :)

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  1. it's amazing what you can do in three minutes time!!
    here's a challenge for you:
    it's picture day on wednesday the 23, and i want something new, that shows my lenghth, and something for a teenager. work your magic!!

  2. Wow! It looks great! No one would know it's a tangled mess under there. Very clever. <><

  3. I am so glad that you are still blogging. All of your experiences are helping me as well.


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