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Elastic Hairstyle - Another Way To Finish

This is a variation of the connectors/climbers/spider web/net/elastic braids hairstyle that I think EVERYONE does but has a different name for. :) You know the one!
Start making your connectors the usual way. We did 4 ponies in front..... And 5 underneath (splitting each of the first 4 ponies in two and connecting them to the ones behind.)
Now, here's the new fun finish: Take the 3 sections in the middle and start braiding them together.
Then, a little ways down, add the other 2 outside sections in with the braid.
Continue braiding down as far as you want to go.cute hairstyle for little girlsAdd a cute bow and some curls!I recently had someone ask about how we get our curls to stay in longer than a few minutes. I've found that spraying a little hairspray before and after we curl seems to help. Also make sure the hair is completely dry before you start. The biggest difference I've found though, is to use a flat iron to curl instead of a curling iron. Not sure why, but our flat iron curls seem to stay in a lot longer. Here's a link if you need a video showing how to curl with a flat iron.little elastics hairstyle
elastic hairstylehairstyles for girlsBtw.....The flower used in this hairstyle came from Pomegranate and Pink. The cute dress came from All Things Ribbon.

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  1. Beautiful!!!
    Love all that you do with her hair!
    will give it a try 2morrow!

  2. I love this hairstyle and it is so cute.

  3. Really cute new twist on a style we've all done dozens of times. Love it!

  4. Thanks for still posting! I had to laugh at this one. I actually tried something similar this morning and it was a disaster my daughter kept saying Why are you laughing at me mom? I definitly needed these instructions. THANK YOUI!!!!

  5. What a fun, cute variation to this style. As far as curls, I have found that using the flat iron definately makes a difference, but I'm so in love with Curlformers I hardly ever "curl" my DD's hair.

  6. Hi I am new to your blog and I am a mother of three girls one boy! But I have been cutting their hair short just to make it through the tangles and your blog inspires me to let it grow. I have two please teach how to french braids...I have NEVER been able to get it down and would love to do it. 2- show more short hair styles... I tried the braid french twist thing and it just fell right out of my daughters hair before we made it out the door. I have had success with the sqaure ontop cut diagnal tie the top half and then I flipped it together...way cute. Do you have more ideas? LOVE love love this are making me enjoy my girls in a whole new light:)

  7. i did this today on my 4yo and got so many compliments. SUPER cute. thank you so much for posting!!! You are awesome!

  8. that's cool i luv it! i like how u can do the same but with a twist braid if u start with 3 ponytails instead of 4. So COOL

  9. Hey, you used scrapblog!
    Is that right?

  10. I just did a variation of this style that's what I love the about your site it inspires me to try different things and if I get stuck I can always change it up to make it work.:) needless to say my little sweety always is the talk of school.

  11. Hi!! I just wanted to say that I hope you don't quit this blog!! I have been using it for a year and have done tons of cute hairstyles. My little girl has very long strait hair just like yours, and I just love fixing it. I get up every morning and go to your website for ideas. If you do quit, you should make a book with all of your hairstyles in it!! Thank you for all of the awesome ideas!!

  12. So cute!! We will have to try this out for tomorrow. We also use the flat iron for curling. It stays in better and longer because flat irons usually get hotter than regular curling irons.

  13. Alexis,
    Yes! I do use scrapblog....all the time. You've got a good eye!

    I really want to do a french braid tutorial, but my camera won't let me record for very long. :( I'm hoping to get a new camera at some point. But until then, have you looked at youtube? I'm guessing there are probably some good tuts on there.

    I REALLY want to try curlformers, they look awesome.

    Great idea with the twist braid!

    Thanks for all the compliments! These comments always make my day. :)

  14. I love your website, I found it yesterday, my daughter is wearing a simple version of this today. I don't have that much time in the morning - I'm a teacher and my girls go to school with me so we ended the "spiderweb" with a simple ponytail. We got lots of compliments on it today!!!


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