Sep 22, 2009

Elastic Hairstyle - Another Way To Finish

This is a variation of the connectors/climbers/spider web/net/elastic braids hairstyle that I think EVERYONE does but has a different name for. :) You know the one!
Start making your connectors the usual way. We did 4 ponies in front..... And 5 underneath (splitting each of the first 4 ponies in two and connecting them to the ones behind.)
Now, here's the new fun finish: Take the 3 sections in the middle and start braiding them together.
Then, a little ways down, add the other 2 outside sections in with the braid.
Continue braiding down as far as you want to go.cute hairstyle for little girlsAdd a cute bow and some curls!I recently had someone ask about how we get our curls to stay in longer than a few minutes. I've found that spraying a little hairspray before and after we curl seems to help. Also make sure the hair is completely dry before you start. The biggest difference I've found though, is to use a flat iron to curl instead of a curling iron. Not sure why, but our flat iron curls seem to stay in a lot longer. Here's a link if you need a video showing how to curl with a flat iron.little elastics hairstyle
elastic hairstylehairstyles for girlsBtw.....The flower used in this hairstyle came from Pomegranate and Pink. The cute dress came from All Things Ribbon.