Sep 16, 2009

Cornrows In The Front-With A Twist

I wouldn't consider this a fast hairstyle for girls going to school in the morning! I feel like I'm a fairly fast braider, but this still took me over 15 minutes. So, either get up a little early, or save this one for the weekend, K~

Oh, and that's not chocolate on her chin or anything fun like that. The princess fell off the monkey bars and got all scraped up the other day! :(
hairstyles for girls
To start, make 2 sections in the front like this......
Part the larger section into 3 sections.......Make some cornrows in the 3 sections. You could do regular french braids, dutch braids, twist braids, elastic braids (whatever you want.)Now, here's where the "twist" comes in. With the section you have left, comb the hair FORWARD and split it in half.Start this braid at the back of her head, right at the part. Braid towards the front of her head, then turn it around and head back towards the part again. (Using the other half of the section on your way back.)Bring all the braids together at the back of her head.Add a cute bow! We got this darling pony streamer from Shimmy Shimmy Bowtique. The bow is attached to the ponytail holder so it's super easy to get in and everything stays put. No worrying about it falling out halfway through the day!dutch braidscute braided hairstyle
corn rows in the front
creative cornrows