Sep 14, 2009

Video Tutorial - Modified Twisty Hairstyle

hairstyles for girlsStart with some kind of a center part (we did a zig zag) and another part from ear to ear.

Braid the 2 sections and tie them together with an elastic at the back.

The next steps are easier to explain by showing........

Keep going until you get to the middle and tie it off with an elastic

Repeat on the other side and add a cute bow. We got this adorable, sparkly Tulle Flower Clip from Shimmy Shimmy Bowtique!

twisty hairstyleIf you wanted to wrap one braid all the way around her head and end in a side pony, you could do that as well.princess hairstyletwisty braidFrom start to finish, this took 6 minutes. Another good one for school!