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Knotty, Knotty - A Cute Messy Do!

Oh goodness. I just found this one in my drafts dated back in July of 08! For some reason I didn't include any step by step pics. Oh well, it's pretty self explanatory. Enjoy!

Make your zig zag part first. Then add the knots one side at a time. Add the ends from the previous section to the next knot all the way down. Pull everything together at the bottom and make some kind of a messy bun. (Just make sure to add an elastic at the bottom of each knot. Otherwise they will come undone.)

knotted hairstyle I remember this picture, lol. She was trying to blow a bubble! :)
hairstyle for girls Try not to make everything too perfect. Part of the charm of this style is the messiness!
knot hairdo
knots in hair
cute hairstyle I also found this extremely old video showing how to do a knot. The sound stinks and it's not the greatest. It was actually taken for a different style that I lost the pictures for (yes I'm really organized) but the concept is the same. You get the idea, right?

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  1. soooo cute!!! you r so talented

  2. How cute. I'll be trying this hairstyle tomorrow. Thank you for all the fun ideas.

  3. Amazing that she sits through for all this!
    I never had girls... sigh...
    and my hair is to thin to bother letting it grow out now... when I do I can use a 'baby' band to make a pony tail & still have to wrap it around!

    Talented fingers, Moma!


  4. I love your blog... my 7 year old daughter and I look at it every day and pick out what hair style we will do for school the next day. I recommended it to my sister who is a hair stylist and she loves your ideas! Thanks for all your posts!!

  5. You really do an amazing job with hair. My daughter won't let me touch her hair, even if she did, I am not sure I could recreate your looks. You are very talented..

  6. And I wanted to stop back by and say thank you for thinking of me this week, it means a lot to have so many people I've never "met" care about me.

  7. Reminds me of a hairstyle I saw on the Spice Girls years ago! Cute!

  8. so cute I love this one and looks like it can be done quick too HOW do you come up with all the names

  9. So sweet! How do you come up with so many great hairdos??
    You hair genius;)


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