Nov 3, 2009

Carousel Braid

Here's a fairly quick way to add a little something extra to a ponytail. It's basically just one long french braid, wrapped around the ponytail.

Only add hair from the top of the braid (not from the bottom) and take tiny sections, or you'll run out of hair before you get to the bottom. Normally when I do this type of braid, I make it tighter and closer together so that it's wrapped around the ponytail several more times. It looks neater that way. But, I wanted this quick for school, so I loosened it up a bit.

carousel braid This was a hard one for me to try and explain in pictures. So, I made a video. As usual, I knew my camera was going to cut me off at around a minute, so there's not much time for explaining. :) I think if you already know how to french braid you should be able to pick it up...