Aug 27, 2009

School Day Hairstyle - And A Time Saving Tip

As requested..... one of our quick hairstyles for school mornings! This one took me 8 minutes, so not too bad.

quick hairstyle for school Notice her hair is still wet. Yep, I sent her to school that way. Am I a bad mom??

hairstyles for girls
quick hairstyle Just part out 3 little sections and make some french twist braids. Bring them all together with an elastic and add a bow, that's it!

back to school hairstyleK, here's my time saving tip of the day. :) (Besides not drying her hair.) Normally when you start a french braid you would start right at the top of the part. To save a few minutes, start the braid back a few inches in each section like this........
quick hairstyle for girls As you can see, there are really only a couple of twists in each braid, it really goes fast this way and looks cute besides!
This one actually looks quite a bit cuter after it has had time to dry and get a little messy at school. A cute messy type do!