Aug 26, 2009

Shoo Shoos Winner (And Other Blogging Biz)

Go check out our hair and share if you entered the shoe contest. Our winner has been announced!

Onto other business... after reading ALL of your sweet and thoughtful comments (I didn't know so many people cared so much about our little ole blog!) *sniff* I think I've decided to stick around. (I mean really, how could I quit NOW??)

I'll mostly be re posting our old stuff and occasionally post something new. If I get a wild hair, I may even throw in a giveaway or two. I'm actually kind of excited about going back through the blog. I just checked our archives and we have 258 posts in there just waiting to be rediscovered!

And btw, funny thing...... I actually just came across a handful of hairstyles sitting in drafts that never got posted from a long time ago!! (I never claimed to be the most organized person in the world.) So, I'll be posting those here and there as well.

*Just a little preview/teaser of what I found. I mean WOW look at this!! YIKES I can't believe I forgot about this one... Or maybe I didn't post it on purpose. Anyway, it's interesting alright. Trust me folks, you'll probably want to be around if I ever post this one, LOL!!

Seriously though, it's all good. I'm feeling better about everything now. The blog can continue and I can sleep in! It's like doing my hair and eating it too. (Um, well not really. But you know what I mean.)

Thank you SO MUCH for all of the support you've given us. I hope you'll continue to enjoy our blog and most importantly spending time with your girls.

PS-Due to a large number of requests, I'll try and get some of our quick school day hairstyles posted once in awhile as well. They may not be exciting, but practical and useful, right?