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Hairstyle For School-A Cute Bun

We do a bun of some sort on school mornings A LOT! I love buns because they're quick. Plus, the hair can be tangled, wavy, fuzzy, frizzy, whatever. Just wrap it up and nobody knows!!
cute hairstyle for school We had a few extra minutes, so I threw in a couple of french braids with this bun. You could do lots of variations to spice up a plain old bun a little and it really doesn't take that much extra time. We'll probably be adding some more quick bun variations later on, as we do them all the time.

bun with a flower If you're in a huge hurry in the morning, a cute hair accessory can make all the difference. Even a plain ponytail can be made adorable with a cute bow or flower.
side bun
quick hairstyle
cute hairstyle Do you love this flower? It came from Flowerz In Her Hair and it's one of our favorites. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a chance to win some flowers of your very own!

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  1. SOOO CUTE!!
    I love it, if only i knew how to do a dutch braid.LOL
    but super cute

  2. How sweet! Your blog is my favorite. Such a cute hairstyle.

  3. That is so great! When she gets home in the afternoon is her hair still as neat each day? She has such beautiful hair and I love the way you style it.

  4. I do this one a lot since I have two girls that I am getting out the door. Instead of putting a big flower in the back though I will put a smaller one by their ear to hide the rubberband where the braids meet. Of course your braids are much more precise!

  5. What a cute style! I'm going to try this on one of our more hectic mornings.

  6. This is sooo cute! I agree, if you add a big flower, or bow, it looks like you really did her hair :) Glad you decided to keep going.

    I'd love if you added my blog to your link list...

    Thanks! Amber

  7. This is so cute, but I can't do a Dutch/French Braid perfectly. =(

  8. This is such a fun style!
    to bad I can't dutch braid :( otherwise i'd be doing it all the time!

  9. i love these hair styles, im a kid myself i always go on your site my mum does all your hair styles on me!!!

    im a kid age 10 my name olivia of course i love being a fashonista !!!!!!!!! i love your little girl i would love to be friends with her shes so cute


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