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You don't want to miss out on this one. These flowers are dang cute!!

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  1. Whenever i check out your blog to get ideas for hair my daughter always asks who that cute girl is! Thanks for all the ideas! And this adorable bow.

  2. I absolutly adore all these styles!! Unfortunantly I have been trying out to many on my little angel and she is not as patient with me as she once was. Still, she loves the "after effects". People are always stopping and admiring her hair. Thanks for taking the time to share your talent with us.

  3. great hair ideas. I want to do a bun for my DD tomorrow for school. I need to add a cute big flower to it too. CUTIE.

  4. Just came across your website recently. My daughter just started pre k and I got some ideas from this website. I love all the different ideas. I have been practicing. I still need to work on my french braids...but I'm getting there!!

    Thank you for all the great ideas!!

  5. elow !! ur hair is shine ,,beatiful,,like barbie :DD

    And also ur so cute! :DD

  6. I always admired your ideas and i want to style girls hair too. Any advice?


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