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Storybook Princess Ribbon Braids

This is one of our favorite hairstyles. Easy and quick! Enjoy........

Sometimes I get requests from our princess to do a hairstyle she sees in a book or a movie. This one was inspired by one of her Disney Princess books.

Ribbon Braids Make a part on the top of her head. Pull up the sides, and make two ponies. Pull a ribbon through both elastics, at the top of the ponytails, making the ends the same length. Braid the two ponies, using the ribbon as one of the 3 sections. Bring the two braids together, and secure with another elastic. You could either tie the remaining ribbons into a bow, or leave them hanging like I did.
princess hairstyle
hairstyles for girls

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  1. You make me sick. ;) It really isn't fair. I need your amazing talent.

  2. Thanks for writing this.

  3. Too funny you picked this one for today... we're going to the Renaissance Faire and this is the exact hairstyle I was planning on doing for my daughter! Great minds!

  4. Ooh this one is very doable! =) I love how the braids with ribbon stay in so well. Thanks for another great idea! =)

  5. I wish that I could figure out how to get the ribbons to stay in so nicely! Great hairstyles though~!


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  6. muy bonito peinado me encanta el blog felicidades

  7. I just love all your braid styles!! Cant wait to start on my two girls!! Hope its as easy as you make it look!!

  8. Can you make a tutorial for the story book princess ribbon braid? If so thanks


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