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Flower Girl Hairstyle

I think we've both been going through withdrawls not posting anything too "special" since school started. This was just the weekend fix we needed!

Recently I had one of our readers/friends (Bree) give me a challenge to come up with a "custom flower girl hairdo." Bree's sister is getting married at the end of this month and Bree's little girl is going to be the flower girl. How fun!

She wanted something unique and new. Something fresh and funky! The main stipulation was that there was to be NO french braiding allowed as Bree doesn't know how to french braid. And, she wanted the hair mostly down.

Well GEESH, what a fun challenge! Here's what we came up with. Could you picture THIS walking down the aisle?
flower girl hairstyleHere's how......Start by parting out a section in front with 3 pull throughs behind, like this....... Next, make a half pony under the pull throughs (including the "bangs" in the front.) I added those bobby pins to keep the hair where I wanted it. I think they look cute just as they are, adding some "messy type flair." But if you don't like them, you could put a flower/bow there, or some kind of fancy clip.
Just another shot of what it should look like at this point.Ok, this next part is easier than it looks (I promise!) And there isn't any science to it. Split each of the pull though ponytails in half (6 total) and twist the cRaP out of each piece. When you get each piece sufficiently twisted, randomly clip it somewhere on the half ponytail with a little claw clip.Here we are with all the pieces twisted. There's no exactness to this, but I did try to get 3 on each side just for symmetry.Now, to hide that elastic. I just took a little piece of the hair in the pony, twisted it, then wrapped it around the elastic a couple times. Tie it off with another clear elastic around the bottom of the twist. (You can see it peeking through on this picture.) At this point, I adjusted a few twists that seemed "not quite right" and went to town curling her hair. I just used a regular old curling iron and some generic hairspray to create these curls.hairstyle for flower girl Definitely not your Grandmother's flower girl hairstyle, agreed?
wedding hairstyle What are we doing inside? It's summer for heaven's sake!
cute flower girl hairstyle
flower girl hair The princess isn't going to be a flower girl anytime soon. BUT this is a cute hairstyle for church too!
flower girl
Thanks for the fun hair challenge, Bree! I'm sure she'll look darling no matter what you decide to do with her hair on the big day!

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  1. This one is gorgeous, I can't wait to try it! Thank you.

  2. GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! You are so creative!!! Thanks!

  3. I love going through your blog and getting ideas for my little girl. I am not the creative do it myself person but I can easily follow others ideas. I would love to see your blog of hairstyles become a how to book with pics etc so that I could always go back and reference ideas etc. You are a life saver

  4. I think so far this is my favorite hair style. They are all so cute, but this one worked for me. Thanks!

  5. how do you get them to stay? i had my mom try it and we couldn't get the twists to not unravel. but it's gorgeous!!

  6. I love this hairstyle. It's so cute!! I don't know how you do it. It may be a little hard, but it's worth it. No joke!

  7. WOW! These are very creative and nice hair styles!

  8. so excited to try it on my daughter for her holy communion..

  9. please tell me how have fabulous hairs like your daughter my hairs are thin and damaged please tell me how to grow thick hairs


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