Apr 21, 2009

Quick and Easy Braided Pretzel

I haven't posted anything quick for awhile, and I know sometimes you just need something quick. So, I dug through my hair folder to see what I could find and came across this one: A 5-10 minute cute do!
Start with a regular old set of braided pigtails. We did a zig zag part on top which isn't necessary, but I like it this way.Take one of the braids, fold it in half and put the end back through the elastic at the top of the braid.Now take the other braid and bring it through the loop you just made with the first braid. The same way you did the first one, put the end of the braid back through the elastic at the top of the braid.It should look something like this. (If your daughter's hair is a little shorter, try making the braids closer together to give you a few more inches to work with.)To keep it from drooping, place the braids where you want them and pin with a couple of crossing bobby pins. (I only used 2 bobby pins and it held all day long.) If you look closely you can see where I pinned it, at the top, to the left of the part.Add some cute clips or bows. We got these "ribbon flowers" from "Kaytebug Boutique."

I didn't even curl the ends. Just added a little hairspray, fluffed them a little and let them sprout out freely! I wanted it kind of funky and messy looking. If the ends bug you, you could hide them or curl them. Just do whatever you like. This would also be cute made with twist braids. Or for a different look, up a little higher on her head.