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First off, I got talked into making a page on Facebook..... yikes! I've said it before and I'll say it again- When it comes to computer stuff, I am SLOW!! I don't know what the heck I'm doing on there!! Just look past my techie skills and love me anyway, K. The page is brand spankin new and very plain. Eventually I hope to figure it all out. But, I would love to see you all on there as my "fans" (snort) while I'm learning. It's all just for fun anyway, right? Maybe you can even give me some pointers? Here's the link: Hairstyles on Facebook. Oh, and I just posted an upcoming "event" on there that you just might want to check out. :)

Okay, now onto Q&A: I've had questions from some of you in my inbox for awhile now and I just never seem to get around to answering them. It's not that I don't like to hear from you or anything like that. I just never seem to find the time. The hairstyles alone seem to keep me pretty busy :) I have a few extra minutes, so here you are......

Q- How much time do you usually spend on hair each day, and WHY??

A- I usually spend between 10-30 minutes on The Princess's head each morning. I do remember a couple of styles that took a little longer, but it's a rare occasion that I ever go over 30. I don't know if you've noticed, but I usually do her hair wet and actually leave it that way. I rarely use the blow dryer, so that saves time. And I have become really fast at doing braids and parts and everything else, so it really doesn't seem to take long at all to whip something up. I've found that the more I do hair, the faster and easier it becomes. Also, keep in mind that The Princess is six. I would have never attempted some of this stuff when she was say, 2-3. I'm amazed at some of the hair I've seen on the blogs with younger models! My Princess had a hard time sitting still at that age and we pretty much just stuck with piggies and ponies back then:) It also helps that she is my only daughter, in half-day Kindergarten, and goes in the afternoon. Our blog may come to an end next year when she goes to first grade. I don't really see myself getting up one minute earlier than I HAVE to before school, kwim?

And the why?? Simply put, The Princess loves having her hair done and loves the attention she receives from the dos. And, I love doing her hair and the time I get to spend with her while I'm doing it. It's a win, win!

Q- Her hair always looks so smooth and shiny, what products do you use?

A- I'm probably not the best person to answer this question. I actually think her hair looks the way it does because of it's natural texture. It's just naturally straight and shiny, it's nothing we've done to it. I use whatever is on sale and cheap! Just plain old shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and gel, nothing fancy. Lame answer, I know. That's just the truth of it. I have noticed though, when I do her hair while it's still wet, it turns out much better than if I start with it dry. So, that's the best tip I can give. Use lots of water :)

Q- I just can't get the french braid, can you please do a video?

A- I have an extremely crappy old camera that won't let me record long enough to show the whole french braiding thing. We got a new camera a little while ago, but it's not compatible with our ancient computer. Sometimes I just can't win! If I ever upgrade our computer, it's one of the first things I'll be posting. But until then, I've seen some great tutorials around on other blogs and websites. Just do some searching and I bet you'll find some instructions that work for you. Good luck!

Q- Where do you get your little colored elastics?

A- Walmart, in the regular hair aisle. The brand is "Goody Ouchless." They come in a package of 250 with 3 different sizes for around 3 bucks. They also have clear and black ones in the same brand.

Q- What type of comb do you use to do parts?

A- Just a regular old comb. (The type that has bigger teeth on one end than the other.) I know a lot of people use rat tail combs to do parts, but I can't get those to work for me.

Q- How do you come up with all of these hairstyles?

A- I don't come up with all of them by myself. I get ideas for these styles ALL OVER the place. The grocery store, church, movies, school, dolls heads, other hair blogs, household objects like hot pads and shoes...hehe. Sometimes something just pops into my head. I even have dreams about hairstyles sometimes. I really don't think there's anything I could do with hair that hasn't been done by someone at some point already though. Hair has been around forever!

Q- Are there any websites for hair you have come across that you would recommend? I'm always looking for new ideas.

A- Check out my sidebar on the right side. All of those links listed under "partners in crime" are hair blogs. So many ideas your head will be spinning, I'm sure of it!

Okay, now I'm tired of answering questions and this post is getting long! I'll probably do another Q and A post sometime in the future. So, if you have any questions you are dying to ask, fire away. Just don't feel bad if I don't get around to it for awhile though.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!

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  1. I feel a little better knowing that Princess goes to afternoon kindergarten!!! My little girl has all day kindergarten, and we don't get many 'dos done before 8:15 when we have to leave. I also have 2 younger kids as well... We did manage some French twist braids today for church, but they take me about 20 minutes so I don't see them happening for school!!

  2. Who knew way back in our twinner days! lol :)

  3. We need to know this kind of stuff! You know, get to know the REAL you!

    Love Q and A

    I am slow on the facebook thing too!

  4. I made a post about why I thought it was important to do my step daughters hair (even though I only do it when she visits on weekends now, soon it will be full time). It's a lot nerdier than what you said, but I am really glad you wrote about why you do it.

  5. I'm right there with you about having only one little girl going to afternoon kindergarten. It helps so much! But yes, what are we going to do when they have to go first thing in the morning next school year??? I'm afraid that we will be back to ponytails. I love your blog and all your info.

  6. Very cool. Found you thru Maternal Spark. I have a little guy who always looks like he has bedhead no matter what I do! Fun to imaging princess hair :D

  7. I just started playing around with my 4 year old's hair. Some days she has the patience, other days she says "NO Fancy hair!" :) Thanks for all the pictures and ideas. I'm getting better as I try more and more and practice (when she lets me) and I appreciate the step-by-step instructions!


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