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A Continuation Of The Beverly Hills Chihuahua Hairstyle

Here's a little quickie post for you.....

The day after we did the Piper Perabo hairstyle from Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The Princess liked it so much that she wanted me to do it again! But it was really windy outside so I didn't want to leave her hair down to get all tangled up. (Neither one of us enjoy combing out a tangled mess at the end of the day.) So.... this is what we did instead. I didn't think you would need step by step instructions for this. It's just twist braids in the main pony with the sections added in all the way down. You can refer to the other post if you need help with the top.

Whould you like to comment?

  1. Very cute. I'm with you on the combing out the knotted hair. Hate that. Way to go making this one work a 2nd day!

  2. Can you teach us how you make the curls in her hair? Mine never look like yours do and I wonder what I am doing different.

  3. So I can find a TON of amazing blogs for little girls hair, BUT I have hair that is WAY long and I super love it but get way tired of doing the same ol' thing w/it. Some of these I can modify for myself, but any suggestions on places to look for ideas for me?

  4. Hi! I love all of your cute hairstyles! But I was wondering how to rat, or "poof" your hair. If you could try that and then tell us how, that would be awesome!

  5. Kristina, I personally haven't seen any hair blogs for adults. There used to be a hair blog showing really long hair called "princess charmed hair" but she stopped posting and pulled down most of her posts. If I come across any, others, I'll let you know.

    Bayleeannie, I don't rat the princesses hair very often. But, if I ever do one day, I'll be sure to post it :)

    Day Family, I'm hoping I'll get around to doing a tutorial about curling soon.

  6. hi there Princess, I'm princess Arlini and i'll be adding you to my princess list aka blog list. Thanks.


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