Feb 21, 2009

A Fun Little Game...No Skill Involved...With A Winner!

I just noticed my little counter thingy is at 94,300 visitors. That means probably within the next week or so, someone will be my 100,000th visitor! (Well, the 100,000 person since I put the counter on my blog.....close enough.) So, I thought I would make a fun game out of this:

Whoever happens to be my 100,000th visitor will get a prize. It could be something crappy, or it could be something really great, I'm not telling ya, he he.

For me to verify that you were the 100,000th visitor, you'll need to take a screen shot of my counter and email it to me. (It's the little box at the VERY bottom of my blog.) The line that says "visits" is the one I'm looking at. To take a screen shot: Press "ctrl" and "print screen" at the same time. Then, open up something you can paste a picture into (like microsoft word) and press "ctrl v" to paste. After you've pasted it in there, you can email it to me at hair4myprincess at yahoo dot com.

The Princess's Grandma is a mac user and figured out how to take a screen shot with a mac! So here's the scoop: Press "the apple button" (it's near shift) plus "shift" plus "3" all at the same time. That should take the screen shot, from there you should be able to paste it.

If anyone is still having trouble accomplishing this, I totally understand cuz I'm technically challenged myself! If you are the 100,00th person and you just can't get any of this to work... Just send me an email with the state you are in and the date and time of your visit. I can verify it from there.

Let the game begin! I can't wait to see who the lucky person is! (Hopefully whoever it is isn't a skimmer and actually read this post!!)