Feb 19, 2009

Diagonal Double Dutch Braids

It's hard to tell from this picture. But this is parted diagonally, from the eye on one side, back behind the ear on the other. Put one side in a ponytail to keep it out of the way. Inside-Out French Braid both sections and join together at the bottom with an elastic. There is an inside out French Braid video on the highlighted link if you need it. (I would recommend turning your sound off while watching the video. I sound like a dork and my explanation isn't helpful AT ALL. Trust me, you'll pick it up better with the sound OFF! LOL)

Make several small braids and band together at the bottom, leaving out some ends.Flip the ends back up to the top and wrap with another elastic.This has to be one of my all time favorite bows. The princess says she looks like a "perfectly wrapped birthday present" with it on. (I agree!) In case you want one just like it, I got ours at All Things Ribbon. (If you end up ordering something while you're there, be sure to type in "myprincess" at checkout for a discount.)

I heart this hairdo, so simple and sweet! And did I mention that I LOVE the bow?? Here's the direct link for the New Flower Stacks Bows from the All Things Ribbon website. And don't pay full price! Enter in "myprincess" for your discount when you're done shopping.