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French Squiggle Braid With A Bun

First things first, keep an eye on the counter at the bottom of my blog. I'm giving out a prize for our 100,000th visitor. I don't want you to miss out if it's you!! Here are the contest details if you haven't already read them.

Now for the hairstyle....

Start by making a headband part (split with a part inside) and pull the rest into a side pony.
Starting on one side of your side part, make a section and start twisting the heck out of it until it looks similar to this......

Take another section underneath and start twisting it a little as well.....

Twist it in with the first section and twist some more.Keep going to the end of both sections and add the twists into the ponytail.Twist the ponytail a little....And wrap it around itself to make a bun. (I wrapped an elastic around it to keep it in place.)We added this adorable flower made from fabric!!

Do you love this bow as much as I do?? Be sure to check back here on WEDNESDAY. I'll let you in on where it came from and how you can own a set just like the one shown here for FREE!!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. That's a fun do...I don't know if K's hair is quite long enough though? 100,000 visitors...WOW!

  2. I ran across your blog while trying to get some ideas for my daughter's hair. She's going to be a flower girl in a wedding in May and I'm wondering how I should fix it. You have some REALLY good ideas! I just don't know how good I'll be at trying to replicate your ideas. My daughter has REALLY thick hair and I'm in the process of letting her bangs grow out. I'll give some of your ideas a try though! How did you come up with all of these ideas? There are sooo many!

  3. I always enjoy your tutorials! :)

  4. That is so fun! I cannot wait until my daughter has nearly enough hair to do this with! I LOVE that bow!

  5. I did this one this morning, but just left it as a ponytail instead of twisting it up into a bun. She loves anything that resembles a "crown" so this was a big hit, LOL.

  6. It amazes me the patience you and your daughter have with this!

  7. I love that "squiggle" look!

    I want to do it on my hair.


  8. That is beautiful! I don't think my daughter would hold still enough for that one. Also she is still pretty little and her hair is really thin. It probably wouldn't hold the style. But I do like it! Thank you for sharing.


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